Australasian Society for Bipolar and Depressive Disorders (ASBDD) Conference

15-17 September 2017

The Daily Conference Program (Please note that the Program will be updated from time to time.)
Friday, 15 September 2017
17:00Registration & refreshments
Chair: Michael Berk
17:35Opening address: Jack Heath
CEO, SANE Australia
17:50Keynote lecture:
The future of psychiatric research, biomarkers, treatment discovery Shitij Kapur
Saturday, 16 September 2017

08:30Keynote lecture:Chair: Michael Berk
Contemporary conundrums in the management of bipolar disorder
Lakshmi Yatham
09:30Oral CommunicationsChair:
John Tiller
Clinical predictors of bipolar disorder in youth at high familial riskPhilip Mitchell
The use of a gene expression signature and connectivity map to identify novel therapeutic agents for bipolar disorderSrisalyini Kidnapillai
A brain model of the depressed selfChris Davey
A cluster randomized controlled trial of psycho-educational intervention for people with a family history of depression for use in general practiceBettina Meiser
10:30Morning Tea
11:00Keynote lecture Chair:
Maree Inder
Novel, non monoamine-based drug therapies for TRDGeorge Papakostas
12:00ASBDD Annual General Meeting
Please remain seated for the ASBDD AGM and the awarding of the 2017 ASBDD/Servier Foundation Depression Grant
13:15Oral communications

Chair: Chris Davey

Distinguishing transient versus stable aspects of depression in New Zealand using generalizability theoryRichard Sierget
Dietary tryptophan and bone in older women: a cross-sectional study
Jasmine Cleminson
A treatment trial for depression and binge drinking in young people
Frances Kay-Lambkin
National cross sectional epidemiological profile of bipolar disorder among older adults with complex needsCameron Lacey
Antibiotics in psychiatry
Olivia Dean
"Binocular Rivalry Online": an online visual test for bipolar disorder for use in large clinical and genetic studies
Steven Miller
The RECOVER psychological intervention for first episode bipolar disorder
Sue Cotton
The role of discussion forum engagement within an online self help program for bipolar disorder
Emma Gliddon
15:15Afternoon tea
15:45Early-career research oral session Chair:
Frances Kay-Lambkin
Gene expression signature and proportionality analysis to investigate the mechanisms of action of antipsychoticsChiara Bortolasci
Improving decision making about treatment options to prevent relapse: pilot of a decision aid booklet for patients with bipolar II disorder and their family
Alana Fisher
MoodSwings 2.0: outcomes of an international randomized controlled trial
Emma Gliddon
Standards of Lithium monitoring in an adult area mental health service compared with best practice guidelines: an audit
Emily Moriarty
How does research inform knowledge about bipolar disorder to reduce mental health inequities for indigenous people?
Tracy Haitana
Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale measures affective instability rather than probability of bipolar disorder among youth with moderate to severe major depressionAswin Ratheesh
17:30ASBDD Conference Cocktail Party
Jon-Paul Khoo
Neurotic syndrome and the importance of forgettingAndrew Nierenberg
Sunday, 17 September 201717 September 2017
09:00Keynote LectureChair:
John Tiller
PGC-1 alpha: a novel target for mood disorders
Andrew Nierenberg
Philip Mitchell
University of Otago
Clinical and functional outcomes of an RCT of 18 months adjunctive psychotherapy for young people with bipolar disorder: a three year follow upMaree Inder
Cognitive and functional outcomes of psychological therapies and cognitive remediationKatie Douglas
IPSRT and personal recovery: qualitative analysisMarie Crowe
10:45Morning Tea
11:15Symposia (cont'd)Chair:
Philip Mitchell
Swinburne University
The ORBIT project: towards better quality of life in late stage bipolar disorderGreg Murray
Activity monitoring as an early warning technology in bipolar disorderBen Bullock
Circadian modulation of reward: exploratory fMRI investigation of a complex bipolar disorder diathesisJamie Byrne
12:00Oral communications
Emma Gliddon
Early response to lithium augmentation associated with mTOR activation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in rodent model of antidepressant-resistance
Adam Walker
Onlife lifestyle interventions for depressed populations: a systematic review
Claire Young
GWAS of complementary perceptual endophenotype measures: How do they rate?Trung Ngo
Characterising cognitive heterogeneity on the schizophrenia-bipolar spectrumTamsyn van Rheenen
13:00Announcement and presentation of ECR oral and poster winners.Michael Berk